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Friday December 2, 2022, 7pm

The Artists Center at the Galen, 72567 Hwy 111, Palm Desert, California


“The Expansion of Time”
Exploring two centuries of the beloved tune "Folies d'Espanga" as heard in Spain, France, and Germany


Alice Robbins, viola da gamba

Margaret Irwin-Brandon, harpsichord

Desert Baroque presents the first in a series of four monthly First-Fridays, December 2, 2022 through March, and a fifth concert on Friday, March 31, 2023, considering “The Art of Time” in music - and in life itself.


            “The Expansion of Time” features perhaps the best-known anonymous melody of very early times to inspire countless composers’ imagination while remaining grounded in the simple harmonies and melody of “La Follia” or “Folies d’ Espagna” - or just “Folies. Showcased in this program, Alice Robbins, viola da gamba and Margaret Irwin-Brandon, harpsichord pull together a selection of Folies from composers over three centuries, from Diego Ortiz, 16th Century, and Marain Marais, 17th Century,  to Carl Philip Emmanuel Bach, 18th Century.

Circling this theme with music that complements Folies - a viola da gamba sonata by Christophe Schaffrath and a harpsichord sonata by Manuel Blasco de Nebra, will be performed.

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