Organs of Italy

November 2-11, 2017

A tour for organists and friends of the organ

We begin in Rome at San Giovanni in Laterano, with its four historic organs from 1597-1875 and S. Maria in Trastevere’s organs by F. Testa, 1702 and Mutin CavailleĢ-Coll, 1911. In Naples we have a private visit to the Treasures of San Gennaro, and board a ferry for overnight passage to Palermo. Six full days in Sicily, with rich cultural streams of the Moors, Greeks, the Normans and Spanish – centuries of art and culture and an organ culture unlike its Northern relatives. The seven manual organ at Trapani and that of five manuals in Catania, by Donato del Piano are among the unique representatives of style, but also the organ at the Abbey in Monreale, where there will be a concert. There will be time for those who wish to play the instruments, and time to explore the mysteries of the land. Organists Umberto Pineschi and Gianfranco Nicoletti will be assisted by local culture tour guides.
The tour includes land fees and travel from Rome to Catania, 10 nights hotel, all breakfasts and eight sumptuous local meals and wine. Price of the tour: $2900; early bird registration, by August 1, $2600. All registrations must be accompanied by $800, and be submitted by September 1, 2017. For further information: Margaret Irwin-Brandon, Look for Organs of Italy on Facebook.